Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NPB part deux

Are you there Sants? It's me, Marcie

Sorry I missed your call, I was working my abs. I'd love to get together next week, just let me know what time works best for you. And don't worry about the job thing. I know I left it way too long! I appreciate you putting the feeling out there though.

Okay, don't call me greedy, but I have one more favour to ask. This one's actually more important than the job thing. This sweet little gal by the name of Hammy (Hamster on her papers, Hams to her friends) took herself on a little walk Sunday night and hasn't returned home yet. Her family is worried sick! I thought I'd mention it since you know such a huge network of people. She's incredibly affectionate and is very close to her family. What she lacks in book smarts she more than makes up in social skills. She lives in Mission, so if you hear anything, can you give me a shout? It's getting pretty cold out (I know, I know, it's nothing compared to the pole!) and she's got a brand new fluffy bed waiting for her at home. Here's a picture of her, so give me shout if you see or hear of anything?

I really appreciate your help, Sants! You're the best.

Love, Marcie

PS She's already been through some rough stuff. She doesn't deserve anymore. She's a survivor, we all know it. We don't need it proved to us again!

North Pole bound

Dear Santa

How are you? I am fine. How's the weather over there in the N Pole? The weather here in LA is pretty sweet. There's a lot of black pollution floating in the air, but I guess that's expected. So, I guess it's a pretty busy time of year for you, huh? Have you managed to get any breaks? Oh yeah?Uh oh! Sounds pretty badass, how'd that go over with the Mrs.? Sounds about right. To be honest Santa, I've never heard of whiskey doing anyone any good. Well, I guess you learned your lesson. You're not a spring chick anymore. Nor are you a raging alcoholic, so don't try and act like one!

Anyhow Sants, do you mind if I call you Sants? Cool. So Sants, I was hoping you might be able to hook me up with a job. I know we haven't talked in awhile and it's kind of presumptuous of me to ask out of the blue, but I gotta level with ya. Fiscally, 2009's been a rough year. I mean REAL rough. Kind of like I'm back in college rough. I'm sure you've done all your seasonal hiring considering it's already December 2nd (where did the year go!?) and all, but I figure it's worth a shot. You'll never know unless you try, right?

I'm working pretty hard these days in order to get things going writing wise, but that bridge is a tough bitch to cross! I bet you felt the same way when you left insurance and went into the Christmas business. I know the first year is the roughest and you have to just put your head down and battle through, but I'm thinking it might be nice to have a semi-padded wallet when I trip up and fall on my ass every once in awhile. Sigh. I remember those days. Too bad it's taken me not having any to learn the value of a dollar, huh? Classic.

Well, I guess I better wrap it up (Get it? WRAP it up! Just a little work humour for ya!) and carry on with my evening. I was in a helluva mood all day and haven't really gotten anything done because of it. Now I'm so far behind I might be first. Shoot me an email or give me a shout when you have a sec. Even if you don't have any extra work, it'd be great to catch up. You still haven't told me about your cruise. How was it!?

Lots of love and peace and whiskey breath. Peace, Sants!